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After Seeing This, I Realize I've Been Folding A Fitted Sheet Wrong For Years!
  ·   June 12, 2014
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At the SF Globe we are a huge fan of life hacks. Folding a fitted sheet is something we all encounter in our everyday lives. Never again will you suffer. Not after this video!

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I wasn't prepared for that last one.

June 21   ·  

Sometimes, not all of us can be Beyonce.

June 20   ·  

Hilarious and flawless response by two Dads.

June 19   ·  

I have to try these now.

June 28   ·  

Pure genius!

August 19   ·  


June 18   ·  

You'll never look at a steak the same way again.

August 22   ·  


June 21   ·  

What an experience!

June 21   ·  

I'm still in shock at what I just witnessed. His reaction is absolutely priceless! All parents need to see this.

August 26   ·  

Not every gift is tangible.

August 19   ·  

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