Loved ones are oftentimes an incredible source of support in life, but they can also be the source of some of our most embarrassing moments. Sisters Bri and Jess Watson, for example, can thank their mother and father for uploading a video to YouTube of the two sisters after their simultaneous wisdom teeth removal surgeries. The video has been viewed over 2 million times since it was uploaded on March 28, 2013.
The Watson sisters seem to have had entirely different reactions to the anesthetic, as the video opens to Jess in hysterical tears and Bri in a mixture of comedic confusion and fits of giggles. The contrast between the sisters' reactions makes the whole ordeal even funnier, highlighting two very different ways in which anesthesia can affect a person. 

The fact that the sisters are having such different reactions may have something to do with the way anesthesia affects the body. According to Jane Collingwood of PsychCentral, Dr. Emory Brown of Massachusetts General Hospital co-authored a study on the effects of anesthesia that showed that the deepest levels of sleep are much like the lightest levels of anesthesia. When the body is under anesthesia, it's much like experiencing an exceptionally deep sleep. 

In sleep states, the brain processes the input of information from the waking period before sleep, and this processing of information is what ultimately causes us to experience dreams. It would be logical to assume that something similar is happening while "asleep" under anesthesia. It seems that the Watson sisters had different stress levels and different things on their minds going into surgery, and this is exaggerated post-surgery. 

Despite the fact that this isn't the Watson sisters' most flattering moment, their father films the duo for over 14 minutes, though the video below highlights the first three and a half minutes), clearly reveling in the hilarity of the moment. The Watson parents play the role of instigators, asking their daughters slightly leading questions to get even more hilarious answers, proving that those who help us during our times of need can also be the same people who are the first to laugh at our mistakes. 

After all, what is love without laughter?