I've always wanted to snag a peak inside a fast food kitchen to see what's really going on behind those glossy counters. Thanks to this video, I can satisfy my craving for KFC without feeling bad about not knowing how my food is being cooked. The fast food chain opened its doors to Sploid, a Gawker Media blog, and invited them to watch the fascinatingly simple process for making KFC chicken. In just ten easy steps, KFC shows the world what happens every time someone orders a piece of chicken. 

Based on the video, KFC uses real chicken that has already been bagged and processed, but checks every piece for bruising, excess fat, or organ abnormalities before dunking them in the brine. Though not included in the video, KFC cooks repeat most steps a total of seven times to make sure the chicken is dried and breaded properly. 

Does SF Globe have its health junkies? Absolutely. But there are also a lot of us who still can't resist a good hearty meal of fried chicken. What do you prefer? 

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