We all run out of materials sometimes. In an ideal world our baking supplies never run dry, but sometimes you get halfway through making cupcakes before you realize you don't have any food coloring or frosting. Well, this video will help you get through those tough situations. 
Seriously, how did I never know you could make your own brown sugar? All it takes is 1 tablespoon of molasses and 1 cup of  sugar. Mix the two until it looks like brown sugar!

One of my favorite life hacks that this video doesn't talk about is keeping cookies fresh by using an apple. If you store cookies in a tupperware container with a slice of an apple, the cookies will absorb the moisture from the apple and stay softer for longer!

Watch the video below to catch 7 genius baking hacks. Have you heard of any of these before? Tell us in the comments any baking secrets you know and share this with your friends!