I'm usually not one who enjoys watching infomercials, but I loved every minute of this compilation. This series of ten, absolutely terrible infomercials will be sure to make you laugh. Some of these products seem completely ridiculous; wait until you get to the one called the Comfort Wipe. 

While I find some of these infomercials painfully cheesy, they do, in fact, work their magic on some people. According to ABC News, three in ten Americans have purchased products they saw advertised on infomercials. Three-quarters of those who've purchased from an infomercial reported that they were satisfied with the product they ordered. However, satisfaction aside, research shows that few people actual continue the act of buying a product from an infomercial. Seven out of ten infomercial buyers reported that they've only done this kind of purchasing one or two times. 

Whether you're looking to buy a product or not, this series of infomercials will be sure to entertain! SF Globe loves sharing videos that make people laugh, and if you're anything like us, you'll be cracking up as soon as you press play. 

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