The family in this video came to a newly dredged beach in Frankfort, Michigan to relax, lay out, and get some sun. When they head for a walk towards the water, they notice something odd about the sand. The family decides to do a little experiment, dog included. They line up along the sand and begin to move in place.

According to the National Ocean Service, dredging is a process aimed towards removing silt and other debris from the bottom of bodies of water. The main purpose of this act is to increase the depth of navigation channels, as ships and other vessels require a certain amount of water in order to stay afloat. Thus, dredging is a very important process, as ships import an incredible amount of goods into the country. Dredging also helps remove contaminants from the water, reducing their exposure to fish and humans. 

While dredging offers numerous benefits, some people are against the act. According to Holmberg Technologies, dredging is expensive and short-lived, and has consequences on the environment. They claim that dredging stops beneficial sand formations and can hurt turtles and other animals. On occasion, the byproducts of the dredging process will clog the gills of nearby fish. 

Like many environmental processes, dredging involves pros and cons. The video below doesn't necessarily portray either side of it, but it does show off a unique side effect. Watch the clip to see what happens when these people start to shake.