Goodbyes are always tough. Goodbyes at airports are typically even tougher. So the folks at KLM, a Dutch airline, created the 'Cover Greetings' campaign to make things a bit easier for those who need to say goodbye. The campaign enables friends and family to leave a personal message for passengers right before take-off. The messages, colorful and decorated, are placed on headrests. Passengers are certainly in for a surprise.

The video begins with numerous families and couples exchanging goodbyes, some more emotional than others. As the passengers head to their gates, KLM employees have their friends and family head to an area where they can create personalized messages. After they're made, they are quickly delivered to the flights where they are attached to the appropriate headrests. When the passengers board, they are in for a wonderful surprise.

The airline is no stranger to doing what they can to make their customers happy. A couple months ago they introduced their new lost and found service, which centered around Sherlock, an adorable beagle who was responsible for delivering lost items to passengers. These efforts have certainly made KLM a desirable airline to travel with. 

Watch the video below to see it all unfold. What do you think of this idea? Drop us a comment and let us know.