When our brave men and women return home from war, they experience a litany of issues. The main problem being their tough readjustment to civilian life. Over the course of their rigorous training, they mold their minds and bodies to be ready for battle. So, when they return to everyday life, the mental and physical obstacles they face in their attempts to regain control and normalcy can become too much to handle.

That's why, unfortunately, some veterans eventually succumb to the endless pain and tragically take their own lives. Others choose to numb themselves with drugs and/or alcohol. But, if these heroic humans just had a little help, anything that would serve as a loyal support system, they'd be able to complete their transformation from soldier to civilian with little to no harm done to their psyche.

This particular veteran found himself in a similar predicament that many of his fellow veterans land in: He was struggling to adhere to everyday life here back in the states. After being wounded in battle and fighting through dark stages of depression, Kenny Bass realized enough was enough. He knew something had to change. That's when he met his "Battle Buddy."

That name, which soon became the title of his incredible foundation to help veterans, represented the canine helper Kenny got to help him segue back into a normal lifestyle. As I just mentioned, the benefits Kenny received from his "Battle Buddy" were so great, that he decided to start his very own foundation to help other struggling vets get a "Battle Buddy" to help with their own recuperation process.

According to their website, "Battle Buddies" foundation does a number of great things for their veteran owners such as, "providing highly trained psychiatric and mobility service dogs and therapy dogs to veterans of all eras suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and physical limitations at no cost. Connecting Veterans to employment opportunities within our network of Veteran-focused organizations. Building a community of peer support for Veterans and their families through programs, events, and social media."

This service has already done so much good for our men and women returning home from war, and it plans to continue its success long into the future. We here at SFG were truly touched by this man's story and his foundation, but how did you feel about it? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.