Ever since the highly publicized shooting of Michael Brown shook the town of Ferguson, Missouri back in August, the St. Louis suburb has taken on a completely new identity. With many business windows boarded up, buildings burned to the ground, and an overall sense of unrest in the air, the town has become almost unrecognizable -- inside and out -- to many of those who call it home. 

Damon Davis, a St. Louis native, wanted to use art as a means of promoting a sense of solidarity among those who have felt silenced by local law enforcement and misunderstood by the media in their fight for justice. The concept behind the project is simple but powerful: black-and-white "hands up" photos, which symbolize the alleged surrender of Michael Brown right before being fatally shot, are plastered on the boarded-up windows throughout the city. 

The project is titled "All Hands On Deck," and has already earned a reputation by Mic.com as "the most powerful street art in America."  

The purpose of the work is twofold: to symbolize the innocence of 18-year-old Brown in the eyes of his thousands of supporters, and to foster a sense of hope and solidarity in a community ravaged by riots, arrests, and police brutality. By decorating boarded-up shop windows with art, Davis hopes to bring some beauty to a city in the midst of grave and uncertain times. 

Davis obtained permission from each business owner before posting his work outside of their stores. 

Others have joined in to help Davis promote his message. 

"This is a problem that is going to take everyone to fix," said the 29-year-old artist. "It is all hands on deck."