For an 11-year-old, this girl can seriously move! In this upbeat remix of Taylor Swift's hit song, "Shake It Off," Taylor Hatala and hip-hop choreographer Matt Steffanina perform a mesmerizing and fast-paced dance. I wasn't sure I could like this song any more than I already did, but this video proved me wrong. 

Steffanina worked as a dancer on the East Coast for seven years before transitioning to Los Angeles in 2010. According to the dancer's bio, since moving to California Steffanina has taught weekly classes at Hollywood's International Dance Academy. The dance artist is passionate about making it possible for people who love to dance but have no studio access to still be able to learn from him. Steffanina's YouTube channel, "MattSteffanina,"is filled with clips from his dance classes along with tutorials for people to learn his choreography at home. Since it's hard enough to fight the urge to dance while watching his performance videos, you might as well learn the actual steps through one of his tutorials.

Here at SF Globe, we love sharing people's amazing talents, especially those of 11-year-old Hatala - a girl so young and small who moves with the boldness of a seasoned dancer. Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section!