In an emotional moment on The Ellen Show, country singer Garth Brooks sang his new song, "Mom," to the talk show host and a live audience. It's obvious after watching this video that the entire room hung on Brooks' every word as he crooned the tear-jerking song illustrating a conversation between God and an unborn baby. As Ellen occupies the seat next to him, the words of the song bring tears to her eyes...but she wasn't alone. Audience members are caught dabbing away tears on camera, and I'd be lying if I said I was dry-eyed while listening to the country performer. 

Brooks released the hit song along with his latest album, "Man Against Machine," last month, and fans have been going crazy over it. Brooks also performed "Mom" on a recent episode of Good Morning America, bringing audience members and the show's host, Robin Roberts, to tears. The song is so moving that even the singer himself chokes up during certain parts. "I'm a momma's boy," Brooks told Ellen when he prepared to play the piece. "It should've been written a hundred years ago." 

When we watched this special performance at the SF Globe office, we could definitely feel the strong emotions that resonate in this song. It's hard not to shed a tear or two while thinking of the many moms in the world who sacrifice so much to care for their children. I know the first thing I want to do after watching this: call my mom. 

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