The City of Bothell, WA released this public service announcement a few years back, and the importance of its message cannot be overstated. The video is directed toward new mothers and offers tips for how babies should sleep. The "ABC Rules" for sleeping babies suggest that a baby should sleep alone, on its back, and in its own crib. The video begins with an introduction from Detective Dione Thompson and segues into a time lapse of a new mother sleeping. The woman is shown rolling around in her bed and shifting positions. Then she brings in her baby to sleep with her, and a message flashes across the screen, "Still Think Sleeping With Your Baby Is A Good Idea?"
The PSA is aimed to reduce the number of deaths as a result of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). According to KidsHealth, SIDS is the leading cause of death for babies 1-year-old and younger, with most of these deaths associated with sleeping. While there are supporters who feel that sharing a bed with your baby is beneficial, there are a number of risks that come along with it, as evidenced by the video below. A baby risks suffocation or strangulation when sleeping in a bed with blankets and pillows. The reality of these risks is very frightening, but they must be addressed. The "ABC Rules" are an excellent guideline for new parents, and both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the U.S. Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are against bed-sharing. They do suggest room-sharing though, as it is believed to help lower the risk of SIDS. 

Watch the PSA below and share the video in order to spread its very important message.