Men dancing with mere towels to cover themselves seems like a recipe for disaster, but these two men prove that it’s a perfect way to bring a comedic edge to a dance routine. 

They call themselves Les Beaux Frères, which translates to “The Fine Brothers,” and this skit is called "Les Serviettes," or “The Towels.” On their website, they describe the act in detail, stating that "It is at the moment of their arrival on stage that these two fools realize the absurdity of their idea. To come on stage dressed only in a towel which they are forced to manipulate in all directions to avoid revealing their masculine parcel. This is a number that leaves no one in the dark, where the game is clear and the excitement is shared between the audience and the artists. Premeditated surprises bring about entertaining challenges, and the characters always find creative ways to get out of them.” I absolutely adore both the act and their description of it, and could not stop giggling the entire time I was watching. I have to wonder, however, how long it took for them to perfect this routine.
Watch how these two creatively avoid wardrobe malfunctions in the video below, and don't forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Naturally, this video might be considered "not safe for work," so view it at your discretion.