If you've ever gone for a stroll on the beach, then you know that all sorts of things wash up on shore. Whether it's driftwood, a dead jellyfish or even the remnants of a sunken treasure ship, the ocean deposits many things at its edges. Some detritus is cast adrift by the current; other marine debris sticks on the ocean floor for a time before making its way to the shore. Occasionally the ocean spits up something unusual, as it did on this beach in Cape Town, South Africa. 

When this family stumbled upon a dead shark washed up on the beach, they noticed an unusual bulge in the shark's midsection. Seeing movement within the dead female shark, a man correctly assumed that she was pregnant. As most sharks are ovoviviparous (according to an article from HowStuffWorks), it's safe to assume that this mother produced the eggs and allowed them to gestate within her. Carefully, the man performes an emergency C-section of sorts right on the beach and frees three pups from the mother's womb. 

Miraculously, all three pups survived and the beachgoer carefully tossed them back into the ocean. Luckily, according to the aforementioned article from HowStuffWorks, most young sharks are independent once born and immediately swim away from their mother (most likely in an attempt to escape from being eaten by her). That being said, it's safe to assume that the three pups were alright once tossed into the ocean. It's quite a rare sight and definitely a good thing that man was able to free them.