The task of cleaning a toilet is as mundane as it is icky. Yet Melissa Maker from Clean My Space demonstrates how to tackle the chore quickly and efficiently, proving that a plan (and some elbow grease) go a long way when it comes to scrubbing down the bathroom. In a video uploaded on April 7, 2012, Maker demonstrates how to clean a toilet in less than three minutes using rubber gloves, paper towels, all-purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, a toilet brush, and a toothbrush, whipping her porcelain throne into tiptop shape.

While her cleaning techniques may not be rocket science, Maker’s organized breakdown of the chore makes it a little bit less dreadful (and her instruction to air-dry the toilet brush under the lid before stowing it away is quite clever, too.) It appears that plenty of viewers agree, seeing as how the video has earned 1.5 million views since its debut on YouTube.

According to her website, Toronto-based Maker is a self-taught cleaning pro. After leaving her job in commercial banking, she decided to start her own business and had the idea for "a service she desperately needed herself; a trustworthy, reliable and top-quality cleaning company!” Therefore, Maker learned the cleaning ropes and launched Clean My Space in 2006, migrating over to YouTube in 2011 in order to share her tips and tricks with a bigger audience. 

In the modern era of life hack videos, plenty of other toilet-cleaning tricks have circulated the Internet. BuzzFeed recommends using Coca-Cola as a toilet bowl cleaner, while HouseholdHacker suggests vinegar as a great all-purpose solution to use in the bathroom. Yet it's fast and easy instructions like Maker's that transform toilet scrubbing from the bane of your existence to a manageable chore that you can bang out in three minutes flat.