The tradition of gift-giving during Christmas can be traced to multiple sources. In the Christian religion, the giving of gifts began with the Three Kings, who brought Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The Pagan holiday of Yule, from which we get the decorated tree, also included exchanging gifts. Santa Claus is based off a Bishop, Saint Nicholas, who snuck into the home of a poor man to leave bags of money. The money allowed the man to pay the dowries for his daughters' marriages. Whatever the reason, the gifts are a long-standing and significant part of our winter holidays.  
That said, it can be hard to avoid the commercialism of Christmas. For many children, the "Spirit of Christmas"is completely overshadowed by the hopes of what they will find under the Christmas tree. Jimmy Kimmel, host of the late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live, decided to play a prank on these kids. Some of their reactions are heartwarming; others are downright appalling. Viewed together, they are hilarious. 

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