The alarm begins to blare at a half past 6. Figuring they have a little time to themselves, mom and dad get a bit frisky in the bedroom. Just as they start to get busy, an unexpected visitor appears in the doorway. It's their son, and mom and dad are mortified. But the encounter doesn't go as expected - not that a situation like this yields typical results. Walking in on your parents could end in a number of ways. But this little fella doesn't go running off. Rather, he's got some words for them.

This short film, titled "The Light Is Your Friend," won a Young Director Award in 2012. The Young Director Award is aimed to motivate and recognize young creative talent all over the world. At the head of this program is François Chilot, a veteran in the film business who wanted to empower the newest generation of filmmakers.

Watch the video below to get a good laugh. It's certainly a sticky situation that I'm sure all parents handle differently - if the situation arises. Share the short film with your friends and leave us a comment letting us know what you thought.