When Dallas Animal Services called Claire Fowler over at DFW Rescue Me about 3 puppies found in a dumpster, she knew she had to spring into action fast. Once the three adorable pups were in her possession, she realized they had an immense amount of fleas and debris on them, so she decided to give them a bath.

Normally, when a pup is faced with the inevitable "bath time," they instantly start squirming uncontrollably, making the whole ordeal incredibly stressful. Yet, when Claire took this amazing little fella to the sink, she couldn't believe his reaction. And, frankly, neither could anyone here at SFG!

As mentioned before, Claire is part of the DFW Rescue Me foundation. On their site, they explain that millions of domesticated animals are euthanized annually. They continue on to explain, "It is the goal of DFW Rescue Me to have a positive impact on those statistics through adoption programs, teaching responsible pet ownership, and emphasizing the importance of spaying and neutering to control overpopulation." So far, they have saved upwards of 1,600 dogs from being unjustly put down.

Operating out of the Dallas area, Claire and the rest of her animal-loving cohorts have made it their goal to save as many animal lives as they can. To quote their site, "Our mission is to provide a 'new leash on life' by finding permanent and loving homes for lost, abused, and abandoned dogs." With a mission statement like that, it's hard not to support everything they do.

We here at SFG can't enough of this adorable footage, but how did you feel about it? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.