If you've ever wondered what the future will look like, this video contains a fascinating glimpse. Behold the Cicret Bracelet that allows you to essentially use a tablet but instead directly on your skin. This bracelet projects what resembles a hologram across the forearm, complete with touchscreen technology to navigate through the interface just like you were holding an Apple product!

According to the video, a picoprojector projects the "tablet" interface onto your arm. When you place your finger in front of one of its eight proximity sensors, they communicate with the computer in the bracelet and you're able to enjoy the benefits of a touch-screen tablet or smartphone directly on your forearm! For visual representation of this concept, make sure to watch through till the end!

While Cicret's website notes that this bracelet is still being prototyped and therefore not currently for sale, we're giddy dreaming about a future that includes technology this cool! What do you think of the Cicret Bracelet? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you found this as crazy as we did!