Stories like this make my heart melt. Every animal deserves a chance at survival no matter how big or small. The staff at the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) had to be quick on their feet when they found an abandoned pit bull puppy in poor health. The puppy, now named Noland, was just one day old when he was brought to the APL, and his chances of survival were not looking good. APL staff decided to place Noland with a nursing cat named Lurlene who had recently given birth to kittens. Nature ran its course from there. Noland took to Lurlene like he always belonged with the cat, and Lurlene didn't show any signs of knowing that the pit bull puppy was any different from the rest of her babies. 

Noland's amazing rescue and journey back to health happened in June of 2013. I know there must have been plenty of loving families wanting to adopt Noland once he was ready. The team at APL did an amazing job looking after Noland and nursing him to full health. Their efforts would not have been complete without the amazing bond Noland formed with Lurlene. I trust that the adorable pit bull is safe and sound in a loving home. 

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