In the food world, there's nothing quite like a delicious, juicy steak. Each chef has their preferred method for cooking meat.  Some chefs like to barbecue, some would rather fry, while others prefer to cook their steak in the oven.

 According to the folks at, the proper way to oven cook a steak is first sear the sides in a pan, then finish the steak by putting it in the oven. This is the most common method for restaurants. The gentleman in the video below thinks this method is incorrect. 

The method suggested by the video below involves reversing the process. The chef begins by putting a boneless ribeye in the oven, and after it has fully cooked, the chef finishes the steak with a pan sear. Searing the meat at the end of the cooking process creates a more uniform coloration of the steak.

Have you tried this specific process before in the past? Is there a way to cook steak you prefer over this method? Let us know in the comments below!