William Chapman was out in his boat at the south end of Anderson Island in Washington, when he noticed some orcas (also known as killer whales) in the distance. He pulled out his camera to get a shot of them. He filmed them for a while when something came up right next to his boat that had him just a little uncomfortable. It may be a freaky sight, but it sure would be once-in-a-lifetime as well. 

Some people expressed concern because of how close he got and the fact that he doesn't appear to kill the motor on his boat. According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, it is unlawful to "fail to disengage the transmission of a vessel that is within 200 yards of a southern resident whale." The reason for this is because: "Killer whales rely on their highly developed vocalizations and hearing ability for navigating, finding prey, and communication. Because of this, increased underwater sound caused by boat engines may be detrimental to survival by impairing foraging and other behavior." This can cause a killer whale to: "[swim] faster, [use] less predictable travel paths, [make] shorter or longer dives, [move] into open water, [alter] normal patterns of behavior at the surface, and [spend] less time feeding." So, not even considering the fact that the whale came up close, he should have killed his motor when he saw them. For anyone that has an opportunity such as this, remember to respect animals and do what you can to keep them safe. There are exceptions to this law, but not knowing more about the person, it is impossible to tell if he would qualify for any of them.

Time to enjoy this amazing sight and check out the video. At 2:07 you'll see the magic happen!