A man was walking along the beach in Goa, India, when he noticed a woman quietly going about her yoga practice. He was intrigued by her, so he began to film her. Shortly after the camera started rolling, she noticed him, but was unhindered by his presence. She continued on with her practice as he filmed, and when she was finally done, she walked away without saying a word. 

In the video below, you will see this woman's yoga practice. We at SF Globe could understand immediately why the man walking on the beach was so mesmerized by what he encountered. The woman, an artist, yoga instructor, and model who goes by the name Zap, displays fluid movements and a range of flexibility that is nothing short of admirable. Yoga has long been revered for the many benefits it provides both mentally and physically. According to the American Osteopathic Association, a regular yoga practice can reduce stress, reduce chronic pain, increase flexibility, increase muscle strength and tone, balance metabolism, and increase energy and vitality. Even further, regular yoga practice can help people develop a more positive outlook on life and can even help in instances of coping with traumatic or stressful events. 

Zap's demeanor is one of peace, and she exudes nothing but positive energy; watching her is incredibly calming and soothing. She is a beaming picture of health, strength, and peaceful energy, and her evident state of overall wellbeing is something to be truly admired. What do you think of Zap's incredible yoga practice? Were you as inspired by her movements as we were? Let us know in the comments below!