These folks may have started their journey looking for cheap travel packages, but they weren't expecting that it'd include this

WestJet, an airline known for its discounted air fares, has a knack for pulling off awesome holiday stunts — and this one is no different from the rest. In other words, it's exceptional. 
Lucky passengers of two flights bound for Calgary were asked to have a conversation with Santa before hopping on the plane. One child asked for a "choo-choo train," and his mom and dad asked for a big TV. A tech-minded child requested a tablet, and one practical adult asked for socks and underwear. 

The adults were happy to go along with the charade because it gave their kids a chance to talk to Big Red, though he was decked out in WestJet purple this year. Little did they know that they'd have a huge surprise waiting for them on the other side of their trip. 

WestJet's Santa stand wasn't a charade after all. While all of these families were up in the air, Westjetters got to work in Calgary. 

Rushing from store to store, the bona fide elves diligently checked items off lists as they hurried to complete their holiday shopping. They weren't shopping for their families, though. They were shopping for the passengers. 

The reaction on the families' faces had to have made it all worthwhile, and that's what the WestJet team was in it for. WestJet VP Richard Bartrem notes in another WestJet video that the "culture at WestJet is all about fun, friendly and caring, and our team ... really knocked it out of the park once again." There's no denying that. 

Next time you're looking for cheap travel packages, maybe you should just book with WestJet. Sure, the hotel might not be included, but this caring staff is sure to make you feel right at home. In the crowded world of airline travel, it seems that WestJet is doing things right.