These twins have quite the connection. Mom thought it would be cute to film them playing in their crib, but she didn't expect to witness the adorable moment of them sneezing at the exact same time. This video illustrates just how special the bond is between twins. 

According to, twins share a special connection that often extends beyond human understanding. Twin expert Pamela Fierro explains, "Sometimes, one twin experiences a physical sensation of something that is happening to their twin (such as labor pains or a heart attack.) Other times they will find that they perform similar actions when they're apart, such as buying the same item, ordering the same meal in a restaurant, or picking up the phone to make a call at the exact same moment." 

There are plenty of cases just like the one in this video where twins find themselves doing the same exact thing as each other. Could it be that the twins are really communicating and understanding one another? 

One thing is certain --- these twins are doing it in a very adorable way.