The genius cake makers at Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio have devised an incredible looking zebra cake that is sure to stun anyone who sees it.  It's surprisingly easy to make, as the video below walks you through the step-by-steps instructions.

The chef behind this cake is a Canadian school teacher during the week, but during the weekends is when she lets her creativity come out in her cooking. According to the 'about me' section on her website, her dream is to one day own her own bakery. For now, she might be stuck in her own kitchen, but she's not letting that keeping her from making a splash in the bakery world.  Her Youtube channel has accumulated tens of millions of views, and the video below is a perfect example of the kind of content that makes her so popular.

Have you tried making a cake like this before on your own? If so, were you happy with how it turned out? After watching the video below, do you think you'll try to make a cake like the one the chef makes? If so, take a photo and post it in the comments below, we'd love to see it!