In this video, a man is ready to take his dog for a walk but the dog has other plans. He's quite a stubborn pooch, and it seems like he won this battle of wills this time. If this is happening to you and your dog, there's still hope for you to turn things around. According to Cesar Milan aka The Dog Whisperer, the reason that dogs are unwilling to go on walks might be because they no longer find the activity fun or challenging. Some suggestions he lists to remedy this problem are as follows:

1. Take a different path so that the dog has the opportunity to experience new sights and smells
2. Switch up the exit you take—if you leave from the front door, use the back door instead and vice versa
3. Keep the walks short so that he's left wanting more
4. Switch up the pace during the walk, maybe even run or jog
5. Maintain some unpredictability during the walk

Milan emphasizes that going for walks should stimulate not only the dog's body but also his mind, so it's crucial to keep him engaged and constantly wanting more. The act of rebellion in the video below is an indication that he is not being challenged enough. Watch the video and let us know what you think. What strategies do you have for making your walks with your dog more fun for both of you?