Normally, when a pup wanders over to their bed, it's time to rest. But, when this tiny fella saw his brand new sleeping arrangement, he couldn't keep it together!

It seems like we're seeing more and more puppy videos these days. Which has us wondering, how many of these little guys are welcomed into the world each year? 
After some research, we stumbled upon a pretty interesting fact on that states, "Each day 10,000 humans are born in the US and each day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. That represents one human to 15 dogs/45 cats. As long as these birth rates exist, there will never be enough homes for all these animals." This is a sad truth which only makes the case for spaying and neutering your pets that much stronger.

We here at SFG loved this adorable little fella's excitement over his new bed, but how did you feel about it? Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section.