When we first caught a glimpse of this skilled artisan carrying a stout log into his workshop, we didn't know what to expect. As soon as he started the process, we couldn't take our eyes away from the screen.

Honestly, we had no idea how this elaborate ordeal was going to end, but once it did we were awestruck. We're so used to taking this sort of appliance accessory for granted, but this man was able to turn an otherwise mundane object into a stunning work of art.

We here at SFG had no idea you could even make a lamp shade out of wood. This got us wondering, what other types of lamp shades tricks do we not know about?

After some research, we found that, according to Brit.co, you can liven up your current lamp shade in a number of different ways. You could glue decorative flowers to your existing shade for a more floral look. Or you could try your hand at pasting a beloved map on your shade. This may be a bit difficult, but in the end, your once-boring lamp will look incredible.

We here at SFG couldn't get enough of this craftsman's mesmerizing work, but how did you feel about it? Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section.