Babies are full of surprises, and we're not just talking about humans! Watch as this mama panda bear munches quietly on her snack, until her tiny cub gives her quite the fright. The outcome? Pure gold.

According to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, giant pandas give birth to one or two cubs at a time. However, only one offspring typically survives. They also state that "giant panda cubs may stay with their mothers for up to three years before striking out on their own," meaning that a mama bear like this one like has many more years of sneezy surprises before she can rest peacefully. Unfortunately, the giant panda population has a difficult time recovering from poaching and habitat loss due to their slow breeding patterns, making their conservation as a species especially dire.

One thing is for certain: here at SF Globe, we can't stop giggling over this mama and her baby. What did you think of their adorable moment caught on film? Tell us in the comments below and make sure to share if you found it as cute as we did!