In this video, a toddler encounters his sister's doll and discovers something delightful. This particular doll, modeled after Elsa from Disney's "Frozen," speaks, lights up, and sings when a button on her chest is pressed. The first two features are not of much interest to the little boy, but once she starts singing her iconic song, "Let It Go," he cannot help but move to the music. There is even a point during the video when he moves on to play with another toy, but drops it to the ground as soon as the doll begins to belt out her melody. This moment is absolutely precious, and if he were my child, I would play the song incessantly just to see him dance along.

According to IMDb, the character of Elsa was originally supposed to serve as the villain of the story, but after hearing the song "Let It Go," the producers decided to rewrite the plot entirely, since "they concluded that the song was not only very appealing, but its themes of personal empowerment and self-acceptance were too positive for a villain to express." We are so glad that they decided to keep this wonderful song in the film, and after winning an Academy Award for Best Song in 2014, I think that the producers are thankful for that decision as well.

Watch this sweet toddler in action in the video below, and be sure to let us know what you think about his signature move in the comments section.