Imagine for a brief moment that you're sitting in a sweeping music hall surrounded by hundreds of other audience members, taking in the performance of a renowned youth choir. What you've heard up until this point in the show consists entirely of celebrated classical songs, and it seems like the next song will be in the same vein...until you realize that the featured singers are only saying one word - and that  that word is "meow."
The 'Duetto buffo di due gatti,' otherwise known as The Funny Duet For Two Cats, is a piece of classical music that is attributed to Gioachino Rossini, a famous Italian composer from the 1800s. According to James Manheim on, "...many historians agree that it is not an authentic work by Rossini. It does, however, contain a good deal of Rossini's music, so the attribution is not completely off the mark." The Cat Duet does contain pieces from Otello, Rossini's second opera, but it also contains elements of Danish composer C.E.F. Weyse's the "Cat Cavatina." Regardless of the song's unclear origins, it is undeniable that it is a great piece of comedic music, as it is still widely performed to this day. 

The boys performing the 'Duetto buffo di due gatti' were part of Les Petit Chanteurs A La Croix De Bois, or the Little Singers of the Wooden Cross.  Les Petit Chanteurs A La Croix De Bois is a boys' choir based out of Paris, France that is known for producing quite talented singers. According to Les Petit Chanteur's website, members of the choir have appeared in films since as early as 1933. 

The two boys you will see performing the duet in the video below are Hyacinthe de Moulins and
Regis Mengus. Though Moulins seems to have left his career in music behind, Mengus went on to become a famous opera singer, which is no surprise as he was made first soloist in Les Petits Chanteurs only a couple months after joining their ranks. He went on to perform leading roles at the likes of the National Opera of Athens, Opéra de Metz, and Opéra de Tours, but this early performance of 'Duetto buffo di due gatti' may just be the most famous of all due to its timeless hilarity.