In this video, a man performs a science experiment that probably isn't safe to try at home. As you can see, the test subject of this experiment is a giant gummy bear, and he puts the poor thing through some rigorous testing. First, he shoots the gummy bear with a .22 long rifle, but the results are not satisfactory, Next, he uses a 12 gauge shotgun slug, with a slightly more dramatic effect. For the final test, he pours liquid nitrogen over the gummy bear until it is completely submerged, then repeats the 12 gauge shotgun test. Again, we cannot stress enough that you should not try to replicate this experiment at home.

For those of you who are wondering, liquid nitrogen is nitrogen that is at an extremely low temperature. Because of its low temperature, liquid nitrogen has many practical applications, such as rapid cooling or cryogenics. I've even seen it used to instantly freeze ice cream. The reason that there appears to be a gas coming off of the gummy bear in the video as the liquid nitrogen makes contact with it is because it boils immediately upon making contact with a warmer object. Though liquid nitrogen seems like an awesome substance to play with, it requires the utmost care when being handled. This element is very dangerous, causing severe frostbite when it comes into contact with human skin, and even inflicting damage if its cold vapors are inhaled.

Watch the experiment unfold in the video below, and let us know what you think about the finished product in the comments section. I feel sorry for the poor gummy bear.