Teachers face a lot of criticism. Burdened with molding and guiding the future generation, their job is certainly no easy task. It's a job in which the day doesn't end when the final bell rings, as it does for the students. Rather, teachers go home and prepare for the next day, creating lesson plans and grading the day's homework - despite the fact that it's not uncommon to receive angry e-mails from students and their parents. The lack of respect for teachers is appalling, in my personal opinion, because the work they do should be heralded and praised. After all, when children aren't spending time with their family, they're in the presence of a teacher. Thus, teachers can be instrumental in the lives of their students.

That's not to say that all teachers are perfect and that they all deserve the utmost respect. I'm sure we all can bring to mind a teacher or teachers who we believed to be unfit for their job. Not all teachers motivate like they should, and not all teachers are the role models we want them to be for children. Take, for instance, the teacher in the clip below. A student has captured this teacher acting completely unprofessionally, berating this little girl in front of the class. It takes place in Russia, so it's unclear as to what he's saying, though one thing is clear - this is no way to speak to a child. But, don't fret, because the teacher gets what he deserves. Check out the clip below to see how this girl responds to her teacher's outrage. It doesn't get much better than this.