Two-year-old Kaedon is just like most other 2-year-olds - he's rambunctious and loves affection. There's one difference that has makes him unique from most other boys his age, however. Kaedon was born with a rare disorder called amniotic band syndrome. According to, this is caused when parts of the fetus get blood flow restricted in the womb. The result is often the loss of a particuar limb. In Kaedon's case, he lost his right hand. 

When a local high school heard about Kaedon, they wanted to do something to help. Using an expensive piece of machinery called a 3D printer, they were able to construct Kaedon a new hand using parts they had found on the internet. If you've never heard of it, 3D printing is a relatively new tech craze. It's a process that allows users to print 3-dimensional objects layer by layer, allowing people to create almost any object they can imagine. 

The students at a local high school used this technology to craft Kaedon a new hand. When Kaedon curls his hand a certain way, the fingers close. This gives Kaedon the chance to grab objects with both hands for the first time in his life.

Watch the video below to watch Kaedon's mother's emotional reaction to watching Kaedon use his new prosthetic. She can't hold back the tears and she watches her baby boy pick up something with his right hand for the first time. If you're as touched by this story as we were, make sure to share Kaedon's tale with others on Facebook!