Looking for a DIY holiday craft but don’t have the fortitude to take on Martha Stewart? We’ve got the project for you. You don’t need a trip to the craft store or serious crafting skills like you do for some Stewart creations. Anyone with a pair of scissors and the ability to tie a knot can make this delightful no-sew sock snowman from the folks at Handimania, according to video below.
What’s great about this project is that you can find everything you need around the house, and if you don’t have the exact supplies shown in the video, substitutions are easy to make. For example, the Handimania snowman is filled with uncooked white rice, but you can just as easily use that old bag of lentils you bought during last year’s vegetarian kick. Although if you do use rice, Handimania touts its snowman as “an excellent moisture absorber which especially works inside the car!”

Once you make the basic snowman figure, you can dress it up with any number of custom looks using extra fabric and materials you have on hand. The video shows several adorable examples. And while the video recommends white terry socks for that authentic made-of-snow look, think outside the box and dig up that old unworn pair from the back of your sock drawer for a unique Christmas look. Argyle snowman, anyone?