It's a situation that could make any parent of a small child uneasy: a 4-year-old girl flanked by six hungry Pit Bulls. However, this feeding – uploaded to Facebook by Nina Wahl on Jan. 5, 2015 – appears to be anything but frenzied. In fact, child actually demonstrates an extraordinary amount of control over the animals, demanding that each dog be patient and sit until it's finally time to dig into the Kibble laid out oh-so-carefully on the floor.


At the end of the clip, a woman (presumably Wahl, the little girl's aunt) explains, "Six male Pit Bulls. People say it can never be done. They live and eat together. They're a family."

However, not everyone is as charmed by the now-viral moment captured on film. In an interview with former MMA fighter and Pit Bull rescue advocate, Gordon Shell, Huffington Post notes his explanation that, "Dogs are dogs — and dogs can bite, especially if they are grouped up around a valuable resource, like food, in the presence of little kids."

This scenario could've easily been damaging for the already-controversial breed, who's notoriously known as unpredictable and vicious. Shell adds to Huffington Post that, "Regardless of the breed or training of the animal we all have bad days or illness that can cause mood swings. It only takes one nip to make this video go from cute to 'News Flash' pit bull attack."

Yet while plenty of Facebook users also note their disapproval of the situation – ABC 6 quotes one commenter as chastising, "So dangerous, one wrong look and this will be a blood bath" – Wahl's post is largely flooded with positivity from Pit Bull lovers, noting the dogs' sweet nature and obedient behavior.

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