The video below was found by a father on his young son's iPad. The video shows the boy's mother recording herself singing, but after about one minute, everything escalates very quickly into a situation of child abuse. When the father originally posted this video on his Facebook, he included this background on their family's situation:
"I found this video on my son's Ipad that was obviously recorded by his mother. I apologize for the horrible singing, but watch and listen after the 1 minute mark. You will hear her smacking my son and her other son, and the God awful things she screams at my poor son. My son watched this with me and he was terrified his mother would find out I watched this and that he would be hit again. He said she hits him when she is mad. Nobody's kid deserves this. I took this to court today, and once again our wonderful Kitsap County judges did NOTHING. They basically told me too bad. If this was a female complaining about the father, the father would be arrested. I am so so so so sad for my son. Please watch this and share this. I want this to go viral. I want the news sources to find out about this. I want to change the discrimination against men in Kitsap County. We are supposed to be equal, but if you are the man and you have a concern for your child, good luck getting them to do anything about it! PLEASE SHARE!!!!"

Shane Hamre, the father of the boy, explained further that his son's mom is not, in fact, a single mother as she claims in the video. She's married, but her husband is serving in the army. Though the video only contains audio of the interaction between mother and son, her anger over a little spilled milk is undoubtedly excessive. Regardless of whether the mother was hitting her son in this video, the fact remains that if a child is scared of his mother and claims that she routinely uses physical aggression as punishment, there is a serious problem at hand. Hamre has done everything in his power to keep his son's mother from hurting the child more, but he has run into countless problems with Child Protective Services. Hamre resides in Washington, while his son and his son's mother reside in North Carolina. After he submitted this video to CPS, he was told that because he could not provide proof of marks on his son's body from the physical abuse, there was nothing they could do. 

While cases like this are very difficult to understand in entirety because we cannot see everything that happens behind closed doors, this video shows a clear case of verbal abuse and unnecessary intimidation on the part of the mother. We at SF Globe were deeply troubled by the fact that the son in this situation has voiced to his father that he is terrified of his mother because she hits him when she's angry. No child deserves to live in a constant state of fear, especially not fear of their own parent. We decided to share this story to help spread word of this boy's situation in the hopes that he will end up in a living situation where he feels safe and loved. 

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