SFG Science's latest video shows that illusions can be fun for anyone. 

In the following video, SFG Science demonstrates four easy illusions anyone can do at home: "3D Mirascope Hologram" illusion, "Happy 20 Dollar Bill" illusion, "Indecisive Arrow" illusion, and "Headless Person" illusion.  
Here are the supplies you need for each illusion:
1) "3D Mirascope Hologram" — 1 Mirascope kit, 1 Lego man 
The Mirascope is available for purchase here
2) "Happy 20 Dollar Bill" — 1 $20 bill 
3) "Indecisive Arrow" — 1 piece of paper with arrow drawn, 1 glass of water
4)  "Headless Person" illusion — 1 paperclip, 1 Lego man 

Below, you can check out these "super cool" illusions in action. These are great activities to do with kids as well. If you give any of these a whirl at home, let us know how they go!