Bartenders my not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of highly skilled professionals, but when you find one who is truly extraordinary, you are guaranteed a great show. The bartender that you will see in the video below definitely falls into the latter category; she's got tricks for days that are sure to blow your mind. We at SF Globe couldn't find out very much information about this woman except for the fact that she works somewhere along the Las Vegas Strip, so you've got to imagine that she gets a lot of practice! Two men asked if they could film her showing off all her best tricks, and she happily obliged. 

Most people have trouble with the act of juggling with typical uniformly shaped and weighted objects, but this bar-tender has absolutely no trouble juggling and tossing different bottles with ease. The sign of someone who is truly skilled is his or her ability to make incredibly difficult tasks seem effortless, and this woman makes her tricks look absolutely effortless. 

We were so incredibly blown away by her routine that we just had to share! What did you think of her performance? Have you ever seen a bar-tender pull off tricks like this before? Let us know in the comments below!