When the fire ants in the video below are first dropped into this pool of water, we assumed drowning was inevitable. But what proceeds to take place instead is absolutely mind-blowing.

We here at SFG were stunned when we saw how these courageous little fire ants responded to the water. But since there's no explanation as to why they did what they did, we had to do a little digging on our own.
After some research, we found the answer and were pleasantly surprised. According to Insects.About.com, "The entire colony – workers, queens, alates, and brood – forms a floating raft on the water's surface. They drift along together en masse, looking for higher ground. Workers on the outer edges of the raft reach out and grab onto any structure or plant that may provide refuge."

It really takes every little ant working together to make sure the whole colony survives. And that is nothing short of amazing!

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