Some years ago during a trip to New England, Elaine Walker stumbled upon the work of Jay Shafer, then of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. It was love at first sight.

The Tumbleweed team is made up of veteran builders and real estate agents who constructed their first tiny home back in 1999. Since then, the tiny home movement has gained plenty of traction. After Walker caught a glimpse of Tumbleweed's work, she was quick to put her big New Hampshire home on the market. She then went searching for a plot of land where she could build her own tiny home, she revealed in a blog post.
Walker's love for tiny homes stems from the fact that they allow for creative expression, meaning folks don't have to "settle for cookie-cutter dwellings," she detailed on the Tiny House Community website. On top of that, Walker likes that tiny homes reduce wastefulness and fuel consumption. She also sees them as a plausible solution for the homeless. 

After putting her house for sale, Walker encountered a few speed bumps but eventually found herself in California along the Sacramento River in her very own small home, "The Lusby." She later relocated to a slightly bigger home in Vallejo; she wanted the ability to play host to family and friends. The Lusby remained in her backyard, however, until she granted the keys to friend Emily Lindahl, who wound up moving. That's right — this tiny home has wheels.

From California, the home made its way to Washington, D.C., before landing at an RV park in Orlando, Fla. In 2014, Lindahl opened the doors to her home and gave a detailed tour of the place alongside Walker. 

From the outside Lindahl's home looks small, and it seems as if the inside would be chock-full of everything a home needs, with little room to spare. But when she gives the grand tour, she shows off a clean, organized space that utilizes every nook and cranny available. This type of home is best suited for those who live a simplistic, minimalistic lifestyle. 

Check out the video to see Lindahl's home in its entirety and to find out why she fell in love with the place. What The Lusby lacks in space, it makes up for in charm. It comes equipped with a loft bedroom, and a downstairs kitchen and bathroom. Get the full tour below and let us know what you think!