After fours years of unsuccessful attempts at having children, Mark and Holly Gonzales considered their alternatives. They signed up for an adoption agency and shortly thereafter received a phone call from a woman named Kristy Bennett, who was expecting. Bennet was having twins, and claimed that she couldn't keep them because of financial reasons. The couple was thrilled. "She sent me a text message saying 'I think you're going to be great parents for the twins," Holly recalled. 

But things didn't go as smoothly as Mark and Holly hoped. The unsuspecting couple had been conned into an adoption scam. The woman they had been in contact wasn't named Kristy Bennett - she was Roxanne Janel Jones, a criminal and a con artist. Jones sought parents looking to adopt, and used them to fuel her greed. When CBS heard of the scam, they set out to stop the woman responsible. They were able to track her down and had a producer pose as a mother looking to adopt. In less than a month, the producer received over a hundred text messages from Jones - now calling herself Cindy Stevens - most of which were a plea for money. 

Thanks to the help of CBS, the Overland Park Police in Kansas arrested Jones shortly after she met face-to-face with the producer. In just over a year, Jones scammed ten different families using six different aliases. She was charged theft and identity theft, among other things and faces federal charges.

Check out the video below to see the story play out. It's troubling to think that there's someone out there who would do such a thing. Be sure to share this video on Facebook to spread awareness!