When his child started choking, he knew he had to call for help. When he did, he never expected this would be the result.

We here at SFG were simply dumbfounded by the uniqueness of this story. It got us thinking more about child-related 911 emergencies, and how parents should train their kids to use the life-saving service. You never know when it might come in handy...
911ForKids.com instructs parents to tell their kids the following:


Explain what is wrong - what type of emergency it is (i.e. fire, injury, accident, crime in progress).
Explain what type of help you need-fire, police, ambulance.
Explain where help is needed- location of the emergency.
Give your name and telephone number so that the operator call call back if your call is disconnected. You may be asked to give you home address for reporting purposes.


Look for street names, big signs, or buildings you know.
Tell the dispatcher where you were coming from, where you are now and where you were going to (i.e. we left home to go to grandma’s house).
Tell the dispatcher if you are in a car, walking, or riding a bike, in a store, etc.

If you accidentally call 911:

Stay on the telephone until the dispatcher answers.
Explain that you accidentally called 9-1-1 and there is no emergency.
You will not be in trouble if you accidentally call 9-1-1. DO NOT hang up.

If you follow these simple instructions, your child will be armed with the proper knowledge on how to react in an emergency situation.

Is there anything else you think children should know? Did you teach your children in a different, more effective way? Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section below.