Water births are far from the norm when it comes to delivering a child, but they are gradually growing more prominent in hospitals and homes across the U.S. According to a study cited by CommonHealth, an estimated 10 percent of hospitals in America provide birthing tubs as an option for women. CommonHealth also explains that not all women who utilize the birthing tub actually deliver their baby in it, some opt to only be inside the tub for the duration of their labor period. 
Despite the slow rise in water birthing options, the method remains a hotly contested topic amongst parents and medical experts. Water birth offers a way for women giving birth naturally to enter into labor in an environment that promotes relaxation and self-control, as described by WebMD. WebMD goes on to list some of the benefits of water birthing, which include an accelerated labor period, reduction in pain, and freedom from anesthesia. 

However, many medical experts argue that the risks of water birth far outweigh the benefits. In addition to cataloging the positive side effects of water birthing, WebMD also lists the risks associated with the practice. The list includes the risk of infection, dangerous body temperatures for the baby, premature breaking of the umbilical cord and unstable breathing for the infant.  

Though there are risks involved, many couples still find water birthing an attractive option for the sake of comfort, relaxation and control. The video below documents a woman giving birth to a child in a water delivery pool from inside the comfort of a home. Brittany Hernandez, the expectant mother, prepares for the birth of her baby girl while surrounded by her husband Matthew and a team of midwives. The Hernandez family also invited photographer Natasha Hance to chronicle the experience via photos and video. 

Brittany Hernandez gave birth to a healthy baby girl whom they named Sloane Renee. A slideshow of the event created by Hance reports that Sloane Renee was born on April 15, 2013. According to Matthew Hernandez's Twitter account, the family lives in Dallas/Fort Worth, where Matthew works as a pastor.  

See how Sloane Renee entered this world on that mid-April day that changed the Hernandezes' lives forever.