This kid knew his dad kept opening his mail, so he decided to do something about it. He sent himself a very special package that contained spring-loaded glitter. So when his dad opened it, he was in for a huge surprise.
The company he used to buy this package was They provide you with an opportunity to really ruin someones day. You can send people a card with glitter in it, the spring-loaded glitter tube shown in this video, a box of sand, or even a box of poop. This isn't the only company out there that sends products like this. Another site that will send glitter to anyone you want is Ship Your Enemies Glitter, but they are sold out at the moment and have been for a while. I guess people really want to ruin someone's day with glitter. 

According to a fact sheet from USPS, the Total Mail Volume has been decreasing each year since it hit a peak of 213.1B in 2006. In 2013, it was at 158.4B and had been decreasing by more than 1.0B every year. It would be interesting to see if something as ridiculous as "revenge mail" could bring the numbers back up. Are you a fan of mail, or even "revenge mail?" Share your thoughts on "snail mail" in the comment section below.

*Profanity used.