In the relatively small city of Obninsk, Russia, a kitten lurks in the halls and stairwells of an apartment building. It's become his home. Thanks to the friendly inhabitants of the building, the kitten was fed and given a makeshift bed to sleep in. One day, upon returning to his bed - a cardboard box - the cat found it to be occupied. But it wasn't another cat, or another animal for that matter. The kitten had stumbled upon a nearly newborn baby. The baby, estimated to be between six and twelve weeks old, had been placed in the box by neighbors and left for good. Luckily, the baby had a furry feline to keep him warm.

The constant meows of the kitten eventually got the attention of another woman in the building, who turned out to be a nurse. She told Ruptly, "She has been keeping the baby warm for several hours and meowing to call for help." Even when the ambulance came for the baby, the kitten didn't want to leave him, "When an ambulance worker took the baby to bring him into the car, the cat followed him and pitifully meowed." The cat reportedly tried to jump into the ambulance on its way out.

The baby is healthy and well, and officials are searching for his parents. Meanwhile, the cat is being heralded as a hero and has been receiving plenty of attention, rightfully so. Check out the video below and make sure to share this incredible tale with your friends and family. Let us know your thoughts on the story in the comments section or on Facebook!