When firefighters first saw a baby in this drain pipe, they knew they had to act fast. But, what happens next left us all speechless.

This horrendous tale of a young, newborn baby being flushed down the toilet like a piece of waste was almost too much for us here at SFG to take. Our jaws dropped when we saw what had happened to this innocent child. Luckily, this terribly unfortunate story had a happy ending. 
However, this footage was shocking enough to really get us thinking more about abandoned children. 

According to a blog on HuffingtonPost.com written by Diane Dimond, "There are no firm statistics of exactly how many American babies are abandoned every year or how many are harmed or die after being left in a vulnerable place. States that might bother to keep such figures have no national database in which to deposit their sad statistics." Which in itself is sad, because if we don't know how big the problem is, will it ever really be solved?

The piece went on to explain that, "Every state in the U.S. now has some sort of so-called 'safe haven' law that allows parents to drop off unwanted newborns at specific hospitals, police or fire stations without repercussion. Yet there are still many parents who, in their panic or desperation, commit the felony of abandoning their baby. Some of those babies die needlessly as childless couples wait years to adopt." That kind of carelessness truly shakes me to my core. 

As mentioned previously we here at SFG were happy to see this ordeal ended well, but how did this footage make you feel? Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section below.