The passengers on this plane were in for quite the treat when a group of elderly men decided to pass the time by singing a song. The plane had been stalled for more than an hour because of maintenance and I have no doubt that the passengers were getting antsy. The plane was headed from Indianapolis to New Orleans and just so happened to be carrying Maine barbershop quartet Port City Sound. The quartet is made up of Walt Dowling, Fred Moore, Jim Curtis and Jim Simpson, men with a passion for music. Flight attendant Kari Mann was quick to whip out her phone when she realized the quartet had burst into song. It's obvious from the video that Mann wasn't the only one who felt compelled to capture the beautiful moment on camera. 

Port City Sound won the Senior Quartet Championship for Maine and New Jersey. The quartet performs concerts in the northeast where their harmonies have garnered quite the following. It's hard not to love these guys especially when they use their beautiful harmonies to entertain a plane full of anxious passengers. 

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