When an ultrasound revealed potential complications with this Australian couple's pregnancy, Renee Young and her partner Simon Howie were faced with a tough decision. Young was pregnant with a rare form of conjoined twins with a condition called diprosopus, which means that the two share all vital organs except for their brains and faces. Diprosopus is so rare that there have only been 35 reported cases, and very little is known about treatment. According to The Embryo Project, "[f]etuses with diprosopus often also lack brains (anencephaly), have neural tube defects, or heart malformations. In some cases, if the brain is formed, it may have duplicated structures. Most infants with diprosopus are stillborn and there are fewer than fifty cases documented since 1864."

Despite this diagnosis and against doctors' recommendation, Young carried on with her pregnancy, delivering twins Faith and Hope via emergency c-section. The couple were thrilled to have given birth to their precious daughters, and eagerly awaited being able to bring them home from the hospital. Unfortunately, complications arose with Faith and Hope. Though they defied expectations by being able to breathe and feed on their own, A Current Affair reported that the twins tragically passed away 19 days after they were born. Watch this heart-wrenching video below, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section.